Is there an API for submitting listings on AMO

(Vincent) #1


I’ve created an extension, successfully signed it with web-ext sign, and was able to install it locally and see it working.

Now, I would like my build server to automatically create a listing on for my extension. However, the documentation I’ve seen on creating a new listing assumes one doing so through the web interface, uploading the .xpi file that was already sent to through web-ext sign. Is there a way to programmatically create a listing for that file, or updates for an existing listing?

Thanks in advance,

(Jorge) #2

You can’t create a listing via the API at the moment. You can only submit new unlisted versions.

(Vincent) #3

Thanks Jorge. I thought I’d submit this as a feature request, but luckily, this has already been filed. So, for people running into this in the future:

That said, the feature request for the API does mention that it should already be possible to upload a new version of an already listed add-on through the API (but not through web-ext yet), so that could cover a large part of this use case already.