Issue with sentences PR


(Neil Stoker) #1

Hopefully this isn’t “off-topic”: I submitted a PR some sentence changes the day before yesterday, but can’t figure out why the CI failed - I literally only changed the text so I don’t see how that would fail the test that failed (something about a lazy-cache test)

Any advice on how I can get the tests re-run for my PR? I’m not v experienced with Travis CI, so sorry if I’m missing something obvious! :slightly_smiling_face:

One overall point: the quality of the sentences now is much improved from the ones I saw when I first worked with Common Voice. In particular there are far fewer of those very hard to say phrases that weren’t good quality English. There are still a few though and it seems like a high priority to fix them as good English speakers will get confused (“do I say it as written, even though that’s wrong or as it should be said, which might then get rejected?”) and less experienced speakers will unwittingly say them as written - it’s mostly simple stuff like “light” in place of “lit”.

We want your feedback: Improving the sentence collection

They all passed now. I think only the owner of the repo can re-run them on Travis.

I reviewed the PR and found one typo. Rest looks good. Thanks for contributing!