Jaxcore - use DeepSpeech to control your computer (new examples)

Hi folks, I’d like to introduce you to my Jaxcore project in case you haven’t heard of it. I’ve got DeepSpeech working to control your computer mouse with your voice (say things like “left click”, “mouse up 100”, “scroll down” etc). It’s quite fun. And I’ve added a new “hello world” microphone example that should give you a hint of how to make your own voice control scripts using this library:

Only the command line examples are working for now – there is a web component to this project too, but they’re broken at the moment because I’m busy rewriting the web browser extension and desktop app.

I also got the library to work in a forked process – so DeepSpeech is running in a separate process and relays the results to your main script so it doesn’t lock up your program while DeepSpeech is processing.

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Nice, and thanks for sharing this !

FYI, I’ve renamed the project to:

And I’ve updated the examples and added several more. Most importantly I’ve been integrating BumbleBee Hotword (an open source wake word system based on Porcupine), and Say (a text-to-speech library based on mESpeak), into the DeepSpeech service so they all work together in NodeJS, the web, and ElectronJS.

There’s a new fully working Electron example, and a Knock Knock interactive joke bot.

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