JIRA needs a Mandrill replacement

Mandrill recently announced that they are dumping all free accounts and pivoting the service to only be for paid MailChimp account owners. This obviously won’t work for us. We use SES for Discourse but Mandrill for JIRA due to this bug, so unfortunately switching to SES for JIRA is out of the question.

We need to look into transactional email providers and compare their free plans. This isn’t something we should need to pay for. SparkPost looks intriguing, but we’ll have to do a full comparison.

Any ideas? The transaction email service will likely need SMTP support, along with enough of a free volume to support the relatively few JIRA emails that are sent on a monthly basis.

who even uses jira? community ops doesn’t, parsol doesn’t.

Community Sites and Community Hardware. It’s been a bit idle, but @tad and I were just talking about upgrading and setting it back up, last week.

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I was documenting the matrix set up on jira. There is also the community inventory on there. @costenslayer also owns a project called youth Mozilla on jira.