🚀 Launching a campaign push for French, German and Spanish

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you that, as a result of the work we have been doing around Extending our sentence collection capabilities, we have now enough sentences in French, German and Spanish to encourage big contributions :smiley:

These languages will join English and Simplified Chinese, who were the first two where we tested a new approach to collect sentences from other large sources of sentences.

This means that this week we will be launching a campaign in these languages using the internal mozillians newsletter, Firefox snippets and Mozilla social media channels to encourage people to contribute.

We won’t be asking for events this time, but you are welcomed to do so in these languages if you prefer. The goal is to engage as many diverse people as possible (specially underrepresented accents and genders in the dataset).

If your language is not in this list, don’t worry, based on all the work we have done we are closer to offer a semi-automatic way for communities to help enable similar extractions in the coming months. There is still some technical work pending, and we will post here as soon it’s ready for you to play with it.

Thanks everyone for your contributions!


After just 3 days of the campaign, some impressive numbers (total and difference since Monday):

DE: 5530pp 390h (+258pp +5h)
ES: 952pp 44h (+194pp +5h)
FR: 3337pp 218h (+78pp +3h)

Thanks everyone helping, contributing and promoting :smiley:

Let’s keep the great work! :muscle: