Libdeepspeech failed to build with bazel

Hi i am trying to build deepspeech library with bazel to build native_client.

After several attempts i got this type of error.
'not all outputs were created or valid ’

I am using:
ubuntu 20.04
bazel 0.24.1
cuda 10.0 cudnn 7
gcc 7
tensorflow r1.15
deepspeech 0.7.4

any ideas please?
also if i can use a prebuilt lib i will happw with that :slight_smile:

we can’t help you if you don’t:

  • share command line
  • share full build log

have you had a look at the releases and doc? we have it … python, nodejs, etc. or plain shared object in native_client.tar.xz

Thank you for your reply i found in older releases

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