MDN the importance of documentation

After working with the MDN community now for just under a month, I real feel that the documentation side of development, is a key aim to the Mozilla community.

So why is the documentation so important?

I believe it is because it gives developers and users a further understanding of the technology which they can refer to.

But is there anything else people think of which makes documentation so important?

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Hi @Kate_Sturmey! Welcome to MDN and thanks for your contributions during the past month!

You’re right about the key aim of the MDN community. In fact, MDN’s mission is “To provide developers with the information they need to easily build projects on the web platform.”

I also agree with you about the importance of documentation. Especially for programming languages and API’s, the documentation is the “user interface” — the user just happens to be a developer. The doc is what tells developers the things they can do with an API, and how to achieve their goals. And since web technologies don’t come in a shiny box from a single provider, we provide those docs here on MDN.

Of course, I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s nice to make these things explicit from time to time :smile:

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Hi Kate,

Funny enough I have an MDN article in regard to your query, here is the link:$revision/1590697

Hope you find it helpful and that it answers your question

You are right. MDN community is a guide for users to gain knowledge from the documentations . Users can interact with each other, get help and work with each other too. It is handy.

Users can achieve their goals from this.