Most important areas to contribute to in MDN?

(Olivia) #1

Hello, I am a new contributor to MDN and I have been reviewing and contributing to a few articles here already. Though I am happy to contribute overall, I have been wondering where my efforts are best headed.

Are there any areas which are more sought after to be added to or fixed? Which areas should I prioritise when I’m working on the docs here?

Thanks in advance.

(Janet Swisher) #2

Hi @qadero! Welcome and thanks for your contributions!

The MDN staff team is at an all-company meeting this week, so we will probably be less responsive than normal.

One of things we plan to improve going forward is better communicating priorities so that it will be easier to find the answer to your question.

In the short term, we’ve been working on updating MDN docs based on changes that will be made to Firefox in version 58. So, it would be great if you could review any articles linked from the Firefox 58 for Developers page.

Please ask in this forum if you have any questions.

Janet Swisher

(Olivia) #3

Thank you for the informative reply, it is my pleasure to contribute here as I find it fulfilling to contribute and I learn a lot along the way.

I will do some investigating into the article you linked to, thank you for the help. I will definitely keep in touch on the forum if I need to ask more questions.