Meet & Greet - New Staff & Contributors

(Jkingston) #21

Hey I’m Jonathan,

I’m a ‘remotee’ Working in Nottingham UK on Front End for the connected devices security team.

I have been a OSS contributor for a while but excited to move that focus to Mozilla. I actively follow most web standards and try to help out where I can.

Just here to make the better place, which for me means enabling people to use security easily.

(Dricupello) #22

Hi! I’m Adriano Cupello, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve been involved with mozilla since 2013, when I started as Firefox OS launch team member. I’m also part of the participation group. I’m very happy to greet you and I’m very glad to be here to help you understand this very particular company way of working! You can reach me at skype: dricupello, email:, hello or anyway you feel confortable. Just let me know! Hope you have a great time here! Welcome!

(Kirk Steuber) #23


I am Kirk Steuber. I live and work in Portland, Oregon, USA. I have just started contributing to Mozilla and am working on e10s. Feel free to contact me! I am ksteuber on IRC, or just send me an email at

(Fagelot) #24

I’m Fagelot Solofonirina and I’m from Madagascar.
I’m a mozillian for 6 months now and worked for the localization of FXOS.
Going to support B2G OS. And open to one-on-one conversation if needed.

(Fagelot) #25

forgot: will try to work on Firefox OS/Smart TV and FlyWeb.

(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #26

Hello everyone!
I am Amit Kumar Jaiswal, from India. I am an active an Mozillian, FSA and a FOSS enthusiast since 2015.
Mozillian Profile
I am working on Support Forum, AoA, User research and Science Lab. I am supporting Mozilla about 1 years ago and would love to reveal more things in future.

(Tomcat) #27


i’m Tomcat and based in Munich/Germany.

I’m now for more than 10 years (more 15 years) in the Mozilla Community. Started with QA and now working since 2007 as Employee for Mozilla. Mozillians Profile ->

Currently i work on Code Sheriffing and other tasks at Mozilla :slightly_smiling:

Feel free to contact me! I am Tomcat on IRC :slightly_smiling:

(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #28

Hi @tomcat,

I want to work on some software projects with you. As a Computer Science student, I love to do coding and bug fixing. I want to contribute to Mozilla.
Please let me know if you’ve any latest or upcoming projects on which i can work.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you
Amit Kumar Jaiswal

(Raj Kumar Maurya) #29

Hello Community People,

Hope you are doing great!

I’m Raj Kumar Maurya, from India, I am an undergraduate of Computer Science and Engineering. i am a Mozillian (Mozillian Profile, FSA and actively involved in Free Open Source Software.
I am passionate about learning new technologies and developing products that matters.

I am supporting Mozilla through my contributions (Mozilla Developer), I has been almost 1 year and I have worked and contributed in various domains like Mozilla Science Lab, Study Group, Web Extension development and much more.

I like to meet new people, share ideas, learning new Tech Stack, Building new products and ideas. Feel free to ping me anytime :slight_smile: or shoot me an Email at Raj Kumar Maurya!!!

Thank you!
Raj Kumar Maurya

(Michael Van Kleeck) #30

Hello Mozillians!

I am Michael Van Kleeck, a new Mozilla employee based in Portland, Oregon, USA. I’ve been hired as an Enterprise Solutions Architect and I’ll be working closely with the Participation team to strengthen our technology platforms and bring volunteers and contributors closer to Mozilla paid staff.

I’ll be working with staff and the community to identify tools that promote collaboration between volunteers and staff, and to improve access and usability so that we’re all able to work together as Mozillians.

I’m so happy to be here! I’m looking forward to helping all of you! Feel free to reach out to me on irc, where I am “mvk”.

(Rogelionava999) #31


(Semirah Dolan) #32

Hi! :wave:t5:My name is Semirah and I’m a mechanical eng​:hammer_and_wrench:/computer science​:computer:
college student that lives in Boston, MA. I’m also your North
American Reps Regional Coach & apart of the Campus Advisory
Committee for Mozilla Campus Clubs. I’ve been a volunteer with Mozilla
for a year via campus campaigns, speaking, promoting, building and advocating.

(Ana Sofia Lopez) #33


I’m Ana Lopez from Nicaragua, I had been working with Mozilla since 2011 as a Volunteer, then as a Rep, and now, I’m working with WoMoz Project Latam specifically.
I would like to involve with Documentation, about how can contribute with Mozilla, the importance, and encourage to other latin communities.
I am always available :wink:

(Aastha Vijay) #34

Hello, I’m Aastha from India. I’ve been a Mozillian since March 2015. My focus is to work on marketing, design and l10n fronts as we need to gear up to reach out our cool products and great open web campaigns out to the masses!