Meet-up from the great beyond!


Well… from London.

If anyone has been watching here for updates from us, we apologize for our radio silence. Tom and I have both started new jobs in the last year and that means we have had just enough time to keep things going. Big thanks to @anupkumarmishra29 for helping with that!

The four of us, @Kensie (myself), @tad, @anupkumarmishra29, and @yousef, are currently meeting in London to make some real progress on documentation, policy and communication.

Here is our current agenda - please feel free to suggest things to add. If we don’t get it done here we’ll try to get to it in our online calls. Updates on specific topics will be covered in linked topics to this one.


Quick note on the lack of posts from today:

We have been doing a fair bit of auditing and organizing, which isn’t really so interesting and doesn’t necessarily need discussion.

  • We have made sure we have documented which communities are assigned to which OVH plan in our inventory tool
  • Reviewed which plans were still in use
  • Followed up on/closed security bugs filed against MCWS hosted sites
  • Listed currently identified owners on the wiki! (more to come)
  • Processed more ownership bugs
  • Drafted several policy and process documents that have some questions pending from other stakeholders or need wordsmithing for clarity before they are shared for broader feedback
  • Criteria for resource owners - this needs to be sent out to the currently identified owners. As this is a retroactive policy, we want to make sure they agree with our direction.
  • Communication process for announcing new owners - we need to check with the governance list owners before finalizing
  • Revising the resource request policy to reflect changes introduced with the module - we were pretty tired when we worked on this, so we want to get feedback from our other team members and mentors to make sure this says what we mean it to say.

More to come as we review our follow-up tasks, and recap.