Meetings Notes

Replies in this topic will act as “meeting minutes” from the online video meetings we host weekly/bi-weekly.
Please use this skeleton to add a meeting as we keep improving it.

Meeting notes from DD/MM/YYYY

Attendees: list of the attendees

Main discussion points: list of the main subjects we discussed.

Action points: actions to take starting by the end of the meeting.

Final notes: additional notes that don’t fit elsewhere.

Meeting notes from 16/02/2016


  • Zaafouri
  • Asma
  • Nefzaoui
  • Mack
  • Faten

Main discussion points:

  • Web Dev Workshops for FabLab
  • IoT Projects with FabLab
  • Course ideas presented by Rosana in Reps

Action points:

  • Nefzaoui : Add the meeting log to the Discourse on the Meetings Topic
  • Mack: Sending an E-mail to the new members about this Sunday’s meetup
  • All: Check with Mortadha for a meeting on Sunday 21st or 22th Feb about the FabLab projects with Mozilla Tunisia
  • Faten : Create the Reps event
  • Mack : Create the Discourse thread for the Brainstorming meetup event

Final notes:

  • FabLab has asked us to assist in forming attendees in HTML5 and JavaScript with more specifity to server-side/IoT-related JS.
  • FabLas asked us as well to also host our Git course with our members in their space.

Meeting notes from 19/03/2016

Attendees :

Main discussion points :

  • How to involve the community more
  • Means of communication : Summary
  • Event in Tozeur
  • Meeting with Esprit Events
  • Strategy for New Members
  • Community ML : Status ?
  • Discussion about teams
  • Mozilla Africa Leadership

Action Points:

Final notes :

  • Communicate more with the new members
  • Integrate new members in the community calls to share the updates for every team and the global community
  • Give then some docs / tutos for the new members before the event
  • Summery of the communication channels :
    ML : For events and important annoucements
    Calls : Somerize what’ve been discussed in the ML for direct and online discussions
    Github : For all projects and teams follow up (it should be simple)
    Discourse : Backlog of our activities and events
  • Try recording for the next meeting
  • Mack is nominating for the Mozilla Africa Leadership Team