Whom and how do I contact Mozilla about this particular issue?

I need to talk to a technical person who manages Mozilla’s websites.

My account at AMO was originally created with email address (caltrek@gmail.xxx). My username was Seamaiden. In order to change that email to my new professional email address (janeocean50@gmail.xxx), the edit profile page tells me to log into the Firefox Accounts page and add the new email as a secondary email address.

I can log into the Firefox Accounts page using the caltrek address only. When trying to add my janeocean50 as a secondary e-mail, I get an error that says “That email was already verified by another user.” The next step was to try to log into Firefox Accounts with the janeocean50 address. Unfortunately, I do not know the password for that account. When trying to reset the password, another error displays, “Primary account email required for signin.” What is my next step to resolve these issues?

The bottom line is that I have 2 accounts with 2 different e-mail addresses. If they can be combined into one account at both websites with ONLY the janeocean50 address, whom do I contact at Mozilla - and how do I contact them - to make this change at both AMO and Firefox Accounts? I do not have access to IRC.