Only The Hamburger Menu Is not Following Theme Color

Since the latest update, it seems Firefox has broken the Hamburger Menu background color. I use dark theme in windows 11 (latest updates), I have dark appearance applied under Settings->General and a custom theme applied under Themes and Extensions, this is the same theme I’ve been using for almost 2 years. I also use the dark reader extension. For the past 2 years, when I click the hamburger menu the background was black, now it is an eye piercing white when everything else is dark. There are no other menu’s, address bar’s, right click menu’s etc that appear without my dark theme except for the hamburger menu. The only way I can make it dark it seems, is to go with the default Dark theme (but that gets rid of the custom theme styling and pictures I like). How can this be fixed, and will it be fixed on it’s own in future updates (Since an update did this in the first place). Thanks!

I am trying to get an answer for this myself. I am getting lots of complaints about it. I, as a designer have no way of changing that at this point.

Can you share some more information about your system? You can gather the following data by visiting about:support in Firefox.

  • Version
  • Build ID
  • OS
  • Update Channel