More support for Amazon sites in different countries

Hi there,

I was quite amused to see this as an official extension from Firefox Devs, but this happiness went out of the window when realised that it only supports US sites, even with Amazon and Ebay.
Can you add support for every other Amazon site (like, .fr…etc) outside the States and for Ebay, too?
Probably this will be more useful to ppl to test outside of the States.


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Hi Dosi! Thanks for your patience. At launch we only support a small number of EN-US sites. The reason is that Price Wise is powered by Fathom, a homegrown Mozilla technology for semantic extraction. Fathom shows great promise for scaling across hundreds or even thousands of sites with simple rulesets. But we also know those rulesets may differ according to country currency or other factors. We launched to 5 U.S. sites so we could monitor accuracy and performance of Fathom in a controlled manner. We know this is irritating to non-U.S. users who want to help us refine this technology.

Here is more on Fathom:

I agree, add international sites. I understand all the technical limits but would it not be a better idea to launch with fewer sites internationally?

I would love to at least see Amazon Canada. Can’t imagine it’s much different from the .com version.

Keep up the great work! I love these pilots and testing them out.

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Thanks for all. We are waiting for the italian zone!
Great work, hope you will extend soon to non US zone


I agree! Canadians want to test this out as well :slight_smile:

Putting in my 2p for support for other Amazon sites (.ca, .fr,