Mouse Scrolling not possible in the Request subwindow for long batch request

Mouse Scrolling not possible in the Request subwindow for long batch request.

Hi @snpro,

I’ve tested it right now on Nightly 88 and I can scroll the Request view (horizontally). Though I have to admit that I am using a touchpad instead of a mouse.

Is it that panel you are referring to?

Truncated request information

Do you have a public test case, if possible including some steps to reproduce the issue?


Yes, this is the panel I am referring to.
However, I was referring to vertical scrolling.
When the batch have multiple POST/MERGE/GET calls, which cannot fit in the display size of the panel, the scroll bar is provided, however to scroll, the only way is to drag the scroll bar by holding it.
The mouse wheel scrolling or the two finger gesture to scroll does not work.

Hi again and sorry for my late reply!

I first had to create a test case that causes vertical overflow. For everyone reading this, here it is:

And yes, I can now reproduce the issue using Firefox 86.

Luckily, I can say that I obviously coincidentally already fixed this issue together with the changes in bug 1693147 that changes the display of the request body to use a toggle button to switch between raw and formatted view. Those changes are currently in Firefox Nightly and will ship in Firefox 88.

@snpro Could you please download Firefox Nightly and check if the problem is gone for you, too?