Move of the NDA access group

Dear all,

Access groups have been moved to from Mozillians. All your access groups have been moved there, including NDA and reps Mentors.

Please follow these steps:

  • Log-in in your people account (It should have been imported from Mozillians)

  • Check your privacy settings. Please make sure that the following details are visible, at least, to logged-in users:

    • Your name
    • Your location (country)
    • A brief description
    • Your access groups
    • Level of access
  • Please make sure that the following detail is visible to NDA users or at least staff (This is to make sure that we can clearly identify you)

    • An email address

Once you are done with that:

  • please make sure that your profile shows that you have access to “Mozilla confidential”.

If it does not, that might mean that your NDA has expired, or that you are registered as an NDA with a different email from your primary one. Please get in touch with me if that is the case.

Thank you very much, and please get in touch if you have any questions!


i don’t see a "other"link field in my profile

Apologies, that fields is there for groups but not individual, I’ll think of a solution.

This is duely noted.

Hi, I may have missed something, but I ask my question :

  • I don’t voice a Reps group. Is this normal ?
  • Moreover, how can I associate with my Rep mentor?



Do you mean in your people profile? You can write in your bio that you are a rep, but there is not a specific field as of now. There is also no way for you to indicate who your mentor is (however the list of mentors and their mentees is in the reps mentor group). You can also add the name of your mentor in your bio if you wish.

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