Johnathan Nightingale had registered the domain with the intention of using it to showcase the Mozilla offices’ obsession with coffee. He never did do anything with it and posted on twitter that he would be happy to hand it over if someone wanted it. I thought that Reps/Mozillians should do something with it since we have a type of event called MozCoffee!

Do other people agree, and if so what do you think we should use the domain for? I have some ideas but I want to see what people come up with unbiased.


Great idea! What about creating a photo wall of all different “MozCoffee” events from all around the world?


We should try to find a way to integrate this into our remo MozCoffees. Even if it’s a blog feed of all the awesome events, or a hub of ideas, plannings and tip for MozCoffee events. Just as long as there is plenty of coffee

Transfer to Mozilla, and then setup a tool like Tumblr so we can post pictures of MozCoffees around the world!

Hi @mkohler it’s great idea, anyway I was created Mozwall before with @yofiesetiawan … you can checkout here . it’ll be good if you can contribute code or create the issue

Yeah these were all along the lines I was thinking. Though I think we have
other tools for planning, I think it makes sense to use the domain for
"outreach" activities. Show people how much fun MozCoffees are, let people
know when one is coming in their area.

I like the idea of using a tumblr, we could also use a wordpress, I don’t
know which one is easier.

I think we can really just focus on Mozilla and Coffee and so we can still
allow categories for the offices to share pics of their awesome coffees, or
pics of themselves plotting over coffee.

So we could have

  • MozCoffee event announcements (and these could link to the Reps portal
    sign-up pages for more info)
  • MozCoffee event posts (highlights and pics of the events
  • Pics of Mozillians with coffee (in and out of the offices)
  • Stories about Mozillians and coffee (eg I was having coffee with this
    other Mozillian and we had this great idea…)

Would you add anything? Would you limit it?

Don’t forget we could put multiple things up, we could have
for the wall of pictures and for a list of upcoming

Yeah also like this idea.

A quick note: In some places the MozCoffee event is called MozPub because people order some drinks instead of coffee :wink:

In case you didn’t know,

says that @canuckistani took it, and watches (probably this) for ideas.

Yes, I started this discussion after consulting with Jeff. If there is
interest and a solid proposal then we’ll take that back to him and go from

How about we create a site which feeding contents from twitter and flickr with some specific hashtags such as #mozcoffee etc?

I like that! Does anyone who knows how to set that up have the time to do
this for us if we get the domain?

I’ll try to create a mockup ASAP…

That’s actually a good question for all of the suggestions. It’s one thing
to know what we want to do, another to have people with the time and skills
to do it!

It’s been over a month since the last message here - any news on there being a plan and/or some entity I should transfer the domain to?


Let me bring this up on the Reps General list. It seems like there is interest here, but no one has stepped up to drive.

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Hey Kensie - there isa topic on this subject on the Community Design Github Repo -

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Though I am not a Reps, I have created a mockup on this github issue. You may check here: