The latest version of my addon was disabled


The latest version of my addon was disabled although I replied one day after the reviewer’s comment

The e-mail I received stated that “If we do not hear from you within X day(s) of this notification, these versions will be removed from”

The reviewer haven’t replied to my comment, and my addon is now disabled

I can add that it was a mistake of the reviewer (using an old version of NodeJS) and my extension source code is fine

Can you do something?

Hey @Eliastik!

Could you share your add-on ID, that would help us look into the issue?


The ID of my add-on is

I brought this up with our team, I’ll get back to you once I learn what’s up.

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Hey @Eliastik!

You should have now gotten a reply from our reviewers. I apologize for the delay that happened here.