New FireFox broke the extension


When I have submitted the extension on 23.11.2021 it was working great. Today 26.12.2021 I have received a bad review that extension isn’t working. I have checked it and the user has right. Extension doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t know where the problem is as extension just froze on the latest Firefox version 95.0.2.


Source Code:

Extension works normal on Chromium based browsers.

What do you mean by “froze”?

I don’t have an account, so I assume I can’t replicate the problem and someone with an account needs to try to debug it. Probably you are in the best position, perhaps using the about:debugging Inspector > Console to look for error messages related to the problem.

It does only froze, if you don’t inspect elements. In the video you can see that even when you click on Sign up button everything froze and also when you select anything from drop down menu when you are logged in. But if you inspect elements / debug mode everything works just normal.

Wow, I don’t know what is happening there. I installed the extension in a test profile and submitted ridiculous information and clicked Sign In, and it informed me that my username was not recognized. I didn’t have that brokenness, at least at the first stage.

Button Sign in should work normal. Try to press on Sign Up button. This is where it froze for me.

Okay, now I see what you mean. Your event fires but the change doesn’t complete for some reason (the page does not change, and the initial page is inoperable):

document.getElementById("btn_signup").addEventListener("click", () => {
    window.location.href = "register.html";

If I try this, I get a completely blank panel:

document.getElementById("btn_signup").addEventListener("click", () => {

Maybe the location object is not a legal way to change the page in the popup? That said, I’m not sure why it would work with the Inspector open. That may be a useful clue, but I’m not sure what it is telling us.

After some debugging window.location.replace(“page.html”) opens blank page, but also froze if you first complete another action and then click on the button.

Where is the best place to report a bug?

When in inspect elements everything works like it used to work (before FireFox update). So I’m quite sure this needs to be a bug.

You can file bugs on:

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I’d suggest using
but I can’t get that to work with a popup.
(more info in a separate post)

Currently I use the same code for Website and Browser Extension. I don’t want to use any special code, that would separate the project. I have chosen html, css and JavaScript as it is similar to “Write code once runs everywhere”. So the same code uses browser extension, website, PWA (Desktop Application, Phone application (TWA)).