New project available for localization: Firefox Profiler (

There’s a new project available for localization in Pontoon: Firefox Profiler. This is used to localize the interface of the web app available at, and you can use the REQUEST NEW LANGUAGE button to get the project enabled for your locale.

Unlike we normally do for new projects, we haven’t added any locale besides Italian (which was used for testing the infrastructure). The reason is that this is going to be a project using very technical language, similarly to some of the Developer Tools in Firefox (e.g. Debugger). At the same time, we would like to get the tool localized to make it more user friendly, as we ask more and more users to record profiles to improve Firefox performances.

As a locale manager, please keep an open mind if new contributors request to enable this project for your locale, since it could represent a chance to involve more technical contributors to your localization. Also, a reminder that it’s possible to give translator rights on a project basis, so you could assign these contributors as translators just for this project.

We’re still fixing a few bugs in the layout, but the app should be fully localized, and there is a stage environment available (URL available in the project’s header in Pontoon).

Let me know if you have any questions.