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I’m trying to use lockbox but when I sign in including the very first time I ever signed in, it continues to show “no entries found” but I have hundreds of entries saved to my firefox for desktop and mobile which I use regularly.

This is my first installation of the app so I followed the steps located here: How do I troubleshoot Lockbox when no entries appear?

I am unable to complete step 3. Selecting “DISCONNECT FIREFOX LOCKBOX” and then selecting “DISCONNECT” does nothing, I’m returned to the disconnect screen. So I skipped this step and reinstalled. Upon reinstallation I logged in like normal, and I’m unable to click “finish” after setup. I can go back to the autofill screen, but selecting “Finish” does nothing. I force closed the app, and when I opened it, it went to the entries screen showing, again, “No Entries Found.”

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Samsung S7 android 8

I also followed the steps for troubleshooting. Nothing works.

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