No syncing

(Olivier Anki) #1

Lockbox is not syncing my passwords. To get them synced, I need to fully disconnect from Lockbox and reconnect again.

(Devin Reams) #2

Sorry to hear. Are you sasying the first sync (after signing in) is the only sync that appears to happen for you?

How can you tell? Are you adding/editing logins elsewhere and not seeing those changes reflected in your Lockbox app?

Have you tried using the “pull to refresh” gesture on the main list view screen? That should force a sync to happen. If you do that are your changes reflected or still the same as they were before?

I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this…

(Olivier Anki) #3

Hello. You are correct, the only sync that happens for me is the first one after signing in.
I’m adding and/or editing my logins from Firefox on my PC, but when opening Lockbox on my iPhone or using the “pull to refresh” gesture, the logins are not updated.

As, I’ve mentionned, currently the only way to get my logings synced is to sign off from Lockbox and sign in again.