No option to Manage Containers

I’m running Firefox 121.0 on a Mac, and have used containers for years. There is presently no way to manage the containers! I have clicked on the containers icon within the address bar, and I have the option to “always open this site in”, but there is no button to manage the containers. Which is extremely annoying because somehow my search engine (duckduckgo) was assigned a container, and now it keeps prompting me to open it in a container each time I search for something!! Although I tell it to remember my choice to open it forever after in an unassigned container, it does not remember. Help!

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+1 also experiencing this issue. I just installed containers on a fresh instance of Firefox 122.0 (64-bit), The plugin menu does not contain any ability to modify or manage containers. Screenshot attached.


This is the page action popup (with an arrow in the top right corner). The main extension popup with all the settings (with a + sign) is probably hidden in the Extension button which has been added to Firefox a few versions back.

You can read our documentation about this new Extension button at

Yes @dannycolin that resolved it for me! Finally able to remove my search engine from a container pop-up. Whew!

Honestly though, it’s quite a pain. I hope they can find a way to make it friendlier to use. Thanks again!

I am in FF v123.0. Yes, I click on the jigsaw icon in my toolbar and I see the icon with the + mark in the upper right-hand corner for the Firefox Multi-Account Containers. When I click on ‘Manage Extension’ I see no place that I can remove an assigned site from a container. I see where I can remove the container itself, but that would remove ALL of the assigned sites in the container by removing the container itself. I want to remove just one site that is in the container, but there is no ‘Edit container panel’ that the Help > Firefox Multi-Account Containers says is supposed to be there in ‘Manage Extension’. So how do I remove one assigned site from a container?