Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Maleesha

I would like to nominate Maleesha for Mozillian of the Month - October 2019.

Maleesha starts his contribution as a member of the Mozilla Campus Club - RUSL. He was an active member of the team and he contributes as an Editor/Designer of the club. Later, He became a Campus Club Lead of the RUSL Campus Club in 2018/2019 period. He joined the Mozilla Sri Lanka Community in 2017 as a volunteer of Design and Digital Marketing team and currently he is leading the Design and Digital Marketing team as a core team member of the Mozilla Sri Lanka Community.

Maleesh currently participating events as a speaker to represent Mozilla Sri Lanka and he helps to organize events and Meetups. He is a web developer and content writer and manager of the Mozilla Sri Lanka Website ( Some of Maleesha’s contributions mentioned below.

Mozillian profile -
Mozilla Sri Lanka -


How did I help him as a Rep
As a Club Lead I invited him to join the Mozilla Campus Club - RUSL. After I become a rep I help him to organize events and motivate him to contribute mozilla Sri Lanka and to become a team lead.


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Thank you Irvin :smiley: