Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Sara Todaro

Another round another Italian!

This time is the turn of a woman that is the leader of the Mozilla Italia l10n team.

What she did

(@sara_t doesn’t like to use her photo on social networks, for us is a fox because of her avatar)

She is part of the community since 2012 and during the last years she joined also other projects like Mozilla OpenLeadership as mentor and participant.
L10n is one of the historical tasks of our community (together with support) that always mobilize our community (that is one of the oldest) and is one of the most important pieces. We have to consider that also other Italian open source communities started their work using the Mozilla Italia guidelines like the WordPress Italia community.
In the last year from the forum is discussing also on our Telegram group to get an easier way to reach people and discuss. This migration/adding to Telegram was possible only with Sara effort.

Her project was or as our community call ‘Our localization guide’ that explain how to localize for Italian in Mozilla projects. It is a real manual for Italian, how to use the tools and our localization rules.
Every week also she review the localization in queue and create a new GitHub issue (like this since 2017/10/27 October (this is the most oldest ticket I found) to track what we have to localize and to assign the various strings.
She already spoken about her and the project on for the OpenLeadership program.

She leads also the Addon localization campaign for Italian, works also on localizing articles for our website and blog press and helped on localizing the tips for Mozilla Italia Privacymonth of 2016 and 2017.

What is doing

With her helps we onboarded new localizers also as reviewers, and we have an improved organization for new volunteers. Also now, we can localize right in a week the strings that are in queue with her effort of managing the team.

Basically without her effort for our community will be difficult to keep the Mozilla project localized.

It is part also of the social team that review want we want to publish on social networks.
Join also often our community monthly call to share what is doing the l10n team every month (where personally for the first time I saw her face).

How did I help her as a Rep

My help wasn’t so much because she was already part of the community before me, working on the l10n team and already leading it, but I can see that after the Openleadership program the quality of the activities and organization is improved a lot.
I helped on the first draft of the guide joining discussions about term localization (also on the forum).
I did a talk about the guide at international LibreConf 2017 Rome because Edoardo wasn’t available and you can find a report about that event at
Another important point her mentor during the OpenLeadership was @edovio (that is also a Mozilla Rep) that helped on startupping this guide and moving on the Telegram group.

Personally my first memories with Sara was when I started to localize the Firefox OS development guide in Italian (after less a year that I joined the community) with her help on review and a lot of discussions about how to localize tech terms in Italian (if you don’t know there are a lot of terms that are difficult to localize because often there aren’t alternatives in other languages).


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