November 14 WebExtensions APIs Triage Meeting

(Caitlin Neiman) #1

The following WebExtensions APIs will be sorted and prioritized at the November 14 triage meeting at 17:30 UTC/10:30am Pacific. If any of these APIs impact or interest you, please join us. For more information about the meeting, please visit the triage wiki.

  • Bug 1412790 - Alternative Approach to WebExtension PAC Implementation
  • Bug 1398662 - Sandbox support for web extensions
  • Bug 1414196 - Allow WebExtensions to register new devtools themes
  • Bug 1413525 - Expose SessionStore.getBrowserState and SessionStore.setBrowserState
  • Bug 1397421 - Expose devtools theme properties through WebExtensions
  • Bug 1394431 - Support home panel add-ons on Android

Have you been working on a WebExtensions Experiment? Would you like some feedback on it? Let us know by filing an issue on Github.


I see those bugs are unassigned. Is there an equivalent forum to check progress on assigned bugs.

For instance, I’m waiting for bug 1363016 which seems to have stalled. I don’t think the assignee is actively working on it.

Can the missing Android APIs be given a bit more priority?

(Caitlin Neiman) #3

Hi @DaveRo! The WebExtensions API triage is mainly to approve or reject API proposals. The best way to check in on the status of a particular bug is to connect with the assignee. (For bug 1363016, I’ve emailed the assignee and mentor for a check in and hope to receive a response here or in Bugzilla next week.)

Can you let me know what other Android APIs you are interested in? If they haven’t been triaged yet, I would be happy to add them to the agenda of an upcoming meeting.


(Tushar Saini) #4

Hey @DaveRo, I am the assignee of bug 1363016. Sorry for not dropping a message in the bug. But lately, I was really busy due to my admission for MS (first with the exams and then with the interviews). I will be able to set up the environment in a week or so and then will be able to work on it. Sorry for the delay!



Thanks, @shatur. I looked at your git account and your website and saw you said that you intended to finish it, but that was while ago. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask on the bug itself. Hope the interviews went well.


Hi @shatur.
Are you going to do this? If not perhaps it can be reassigned.
I have an addon waiting for this API.

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