Open a link into a container


Is it possible to open automatically from a html href link from a custom web page that i develop into a specific container? I wanted to create something like that <a href="container-name=“container_name”?link=“”>

I saw some plugins already doing that, but there are very old, maybe it’s possible now with Multi-Account Containers?

Thanks you

I’m new to this add-on, so I’m not 100% sure what all the options are for launching a multi-container from a URL are. The only thing I do know that did work for me up until about a week ago is using this old add-on. I’m trying to figure out the correct URL to launch using OpenIn which uses javascript to rewrite any URLs on my system to whatever app I want that can handle URLs.

I think something recently changed, I’m not sure what though. Here’s a link to my post on Reddit with a guide on how to open links in a container on MacOS. If you’re on Windows or *nix, I apologize. I’m sure there’s a way to accomplish what you want on Windows, I just don’t know what software that would be. For better assistance with your issue I suggest giving more context about what you’re trying to do.

For anyone else following this category, your input would be much appreciated.