Password protection for my add-on

Hi in my add-on i get reviews from people who likes it, but i get allways the same remarks, my add-on is easy to remove , what my users want is a password protection who prevent it to be removed by other users using the same computer.

so my question is how to add a password protection to avoid deinstallation in the add-on panel.

i would like to use this method


That is something that administrators of a machine would have to set up and not something in the control of your extension. One example would be the upcoming

Alternatively you could just ask them to install the extension to the correct directory, so it can not be removed by users: (that still allows users to disable it.)

thanks for the infos i was also looking for another technique, is to make a reg file who is launched by the user, after he install the extension and then the reg file add a policy into the registry who make the extension impossible to remove, can only be removed by the registry (advanced users, childrens dont know how to remove it )

but i dont know what to add in the reg file :s

The Firefox policy engine will work similarly, and you can sideload via registry iirc. But there’s no such thing like the policies in chromium apart from that.

well if you know ho i can add Firefox policy engine to my extension it would be awesome :smiley:

That is not something you can do from the extension. These are things that have to explicitly be done from the outside.

how people secure then their own add-on from being disabled by users?
i mean if you do a parental control add-on for example ?

They don’t, without additional setup steps required by the user.

but then, how to sideload via registry iirc ?
my add-on is hosted in firefox official add-ons.