Passwordmanager does not work

When I start Thunderbird I got the question to enter password. This works well. But if I click use passwordmanager, the system seems to hold for indefinite time.

The password manager does not contain passwords anymore.

Up until a couple of days it worked fine, I don’t know what changed it.

I’m not sure what password manager you’re talking about. Also, I’m not aware of any button labeled ‘use passwordmanager’.
What you can do though is to tell Thunderbird to remember your password. It’s a checkbox inside the password prompt.

That’s what they’re talking about. When the password dialog comes up, there’s a checkbox for having Thunderbird save your password. If you do that, the app freezes and never connects to the server. If you don’t check it, it works fine. I’m having the same problem ever since I upgraded to 102.8.0 from a much older version.

Thanks for the comments. I had to delete Thunderbird and install it again and now it works