Phantom breakpoint

My code is halting in debugger on a line which has no breakpoint set. Setting a breakpoint then removing it doesn’t help. There is no console message and I haven’t changed the code in that line recently.
I opened the page in a new tab but it still stops. It worked ok at first.

for (iTiles = 0; iTiles < arrayTemp.length - 2; iTiles++) // fncLoadData

Any ideas?

Maybe the “Pause on exceptions” is checked ?

I have the same problem. I have lots of ghost breakpoints! I do not have pause on exceptions active neither anything else. How to remove these ghosts?

Using Windows 10, Firefox 88.0.1 (64-bit) and it is up to date. “Pause on Exceptions” under ‘Breakpoints’ is unchecked. I deleted existing breakpoints in the problem source code (none were for the offending line). I’ve closed the tab, closed Firefox and restarted. It still stops at the same nonexistent breakpoint.

This seems to be a recurrent problem over years. Frustrating, partly because I’ve not got the expertise to even begin to understand why it might happen. How does FF ‘remember’ the location across edits? (The breakpoint is in my code, a one-line anonymous click-event handler.)

My own comment led me to look at ‘Event Listener Breakpoints’. Mouse/mousemove was cheked :-(. Clearing that fixed the problem. Sorry about the false alarm. No wonder this has been plaguing me “over years”!