Planning for South Asia Meetup

Its been a long time (2014) since last south asia meetup had happened on Kolkata. Does Participation team has any plan to conduct a south asia meetup this year?



Hi @Swarnava,

To better frame this conversation I would recommend to think about a few points:

  • What are the things you want to accomplish by this meetup?
  • If this is a successful meetup, what things you would be able to do that you can’t right now?


Hello everyone,

I would like to way in here.

First of all it would be nice that if everyone participating in this conversation
have atleast a borderline understanding of what South Asian meetups
are all about. The last SA meetup was held in 2014 as @Swarnava said and
it was the second of its kind after the first SA meetup in 2013. The
earth has rotated quite a many times since then.

Here is the wiki page that was created during the first ever SA meetup.

[if one goes through this, then he can get the basic ideas about what, how, when etc.]

As the wiki states and as the basic idea behind this meetup is to discuss
to plan the implementation of the Mozilla South Asia community road map
for the year and ensure that the regional community is fully aligned
with greater engagement efforts across the Mozilla organization.

Since, SA region holds accountable for more than half of the mozilla events
every year. I think the people organizing the event atleast deserves to
know what is going on with mozilla for atleast the upcoming year. And we
all are very aware that since past few years there has been more
changes in mozilla since the beginning of the project itself.

So in short, SA meetups is the one event where the contributors from South
Asia region (because we share somewhat similar culture, history,
background, problems etc) meet and collaborate together. Also it is a
meetup to frame the roadmap for a year about mozilla related activities
in these regions.

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I guess you have already got some idea already what @surit posted above that why this meetup is important. Community meetups are as important as leadership meetup. Communities are backbone of Mozilla & to make it in perfect shape for upcoming goal, this is a great opportunity to learn, share & collaborate.


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I have a small doubt, instead of going to South Asia Meetup wont it be better to have meetups country level (Say Community India meetup, Community Bangladesh , Community Srilanka and so on)

My point is when you take a country like India it is very big and sometimes we may leave some opinions sometimes when it is outside country (may be contributor may not have Visa, and some other reasons).


I like @heyvp7 's idea.

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Bumping this thread again.

Just read @nukeador 's other post here:

Glad that Regional Communities and Community Gatherings are in it. I hope, South Asian Community as a whole will also be in the focus of Mozilla once again.

I guess, much of the answer to the following questions has already been answered there by @nukeador himself in this other thread about Arabic Gathering.

What are the things you want to accomplish by this meetup?
If this is a successful meetup, what things you would be able to do that you can’t right now?

So the answers would be something like:

The goal for these events are:

Align community goals with Mozilla’s goals
Improve individual and team skills

We get to discuss our common issues and find workarounds or solutions to them. The SA Region is a bit different than other regions in the world, so most of our issues are unknown or even if known, not experienced by people looking from far away.

As the local contact person and organizing volunteer during the first SA Meetup, I and fellow Mozillians from Nepal are ready to plan for the event.