Plans for Firefox on Linux phones?


I’m wondering if there’s been any plans or interest in getting Firefox to work fine on a mobile platform that is NOT Google or Apple—that is to say, not Firefox for Android or Firefox for iOS.

The reason this has come to mind is due to the recent video published by Purism on their YouTube channel. They showcased Firefox being modified to look a lot better on their Librem 5 phone and it made me think, “if this comes built-in, why not go all-out?”.

In my head, if Firefox can become able to be modified as it was shown, there might(?) be less work for some people and it would get easily adopted by other mobile platforms running Linux. The vendors themselves will need to mature their hardware, but hey.

Since I’m not a dev nor that well-rounded on how these things go about much less what was done to achieve this interesting layout change, I’m intrigued to discover if this is something eventually possible or if this is just something that was included for other platform considerations (e.g. laptops, 2-in-1s).

P.S. - To be clear, what I’m getting at is having the same Firefox for “desktop” running on these Linux distros made to run on Linux phones—and then having Firefox adjust itself based on what platform its on. This would probably only be a visual thing and not much else.

It’s probably possible, but don’t underestimate how much time “only […] a visual thing and not much else” can take :slight_smile:

Visual refresh projects for Firefox typically last 6months+ with a pretty large team.

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