Ubuntu Touch Firefox mobile version

Hi everyone.
I have recently managed to install Ubuntu touch (UT) in my smartphone. It is hugely disappointing that there in no option to install a working mobile Firefox version!

I just want to bring this to this community’s attention. Going all sorts of troubles to swap from android to a completely unknown smartphone OS in order to get free from google and all big techs is a big achievement for someone with novice experience with Linux.
Imagine now, after all these stressful and ambiguous novel, only to find out that there is no Firefox preinstalled and no package to do this manually at all.
Not even an independent guide.

If Mozilla really want’s to encourage and empower simple users to claim their privacy back, I think you should show a strong presence in UT now, before you lose the momentum.

Please consider this ASAP. I believe that more and more people like me will try to turn over to Linux to escape the Techno-feudalism and Surveillance.

Hope to hearing from you soon.