Please add Bosnian as a language

I have a friend who is from Bosnia with whom I would like to share this project.

I think it is important the this project include an entry for Bosnian as a separate language to which people who identify as Bosnian speakers can contribute samples. There are already separate language entries for “Croation,” and “Serbian,” so it seems exclusive, in my opinion, to not also have a separate language target for the project for “Bosnian,” and likewise to not have an entry for “Montenegrin.”

I strongly suspect that given the difficult history of the region due to the War in the Balkans of the 90s that a person identifying as Bosnian could feel disinclined to contribute to the project given the current options made available to the project.



In order to process this request we will need one/two Bosnian speakers to make the request and also indicate if they are requesting it for the Latin or Cyrillic script.

Also, please check our process to enable a new language, the process will require a group of committed people to localize the site and gather a significant amount of sentences to enable voice contributions:



Is there any status update on Bosnian?


As far as i can see croatian is translated 71% of CV webpage.

pinging @heyhillary for opening bosnian.

@selim1: i think she is on holiday.

As Bosnian is not Croatian or Serbian, it’s best to opt for creating Bosnian language section. Thanks for the attention! Looking forward to updates on this :eyes:

Hey Selim,

Thanks for your question :smiley: and welcome to the community!

I have enabled Common Voice on the Bosnian Team on Pontoon.
As you might be aware pontoon is a platform for localisation.

For Bosnian to be available for voice data collection on your website you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Localise the platform to by 75% percent and have 5,000 words under CC0 added on to Bosnian text corpus
  2. Mobilse Bosnian speakers to contribute to voice data collection

I would like to encourage to consider doing this by creating a community of Bosnian speakers to help with the efforts.

How could you do this ?

  1. (Invitation Stage) Invite friends, local community organisation and colleagues to organise around the Common Voice project by explaining the project - (EN translation)
  2. (Organising stage) Assign yourself around key priorities and skills sets.
  3. (Resourcing Stage) Partner with GLAM/ cultural heritage/ lingustic departments to organise around this project. For example could they sponsor a campaign for Bosnian ? Request funding from Mozilla Reps Programme.

For more support on onboarding please check out this slide deck or Community Support Desk.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Hillary, Common Voice community Manager

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Also @selim1,

I forgot to ask, could you also please create a (or share) pontoon, so I can set you up as a manager ? A team manager, means all your work will go to staging (and later to production) without peer review. I hope through your work, there would be others joining you to collaborate on the different phases of this project.

Once you are set up on Pontoon. Here are a few docs that will help you with using Pontoon, working with other contributors, and localizing the file written in .ftl:

- Pontoon user guide
- Roles and responsibilities
- Localizing in Fluent
- Common Voice web part project info

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Hey @heyhillary,

Thank you for your messages and for moving this forward.

I signed up for the Pontoon but should add that I am not a native Bosnian speaker. Currently searching for native Bosnian speakers to support the project.

How should we proceed?

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Hey @selim1

Your welcome, I have a few suggestions.

  1. You might want to reach out to other members of the Bosnian team on Pontoon. When your signed in you can see their emails on a users profile. Explain what Common Voice is about and ask if they can help you. For example could people review your translations before they are submitted ?

  2. Reach out to the wider Common Voice element chat to see if people know any native Bosnian speakers

  3. If you are based in Bosnia ask a local univeristy language departments if they might be intrested in the project.

If you would like more ideas, happy to support :slight_smile:

Hey @heyhillary,

Thank you for the tips!

I am based in Bosnia so I will be able to reach native speakers and try organizing around this project.

Merhaba Selim! Hoş geldin!

It might be a good idea to get in contact with participants in the other countries of the former Yugoslavia too. I know that when I added sentences from SETimes to the Serbian Common Voice, I also used sentences from the Bosnian SETimes. @Fooftilly would be someone to contact as he has been quite active.

I’m also happy to do text corpus processing and technical stuff if you’d like some help.


Hoş bulduk Francis, thanks for the warm greeting.

I’ve managed mentioning project to few Bosnian friends and we will soon start translating necessary text for CommonVoice.

Happy to collaborate with you on technical perspective of on-going process. Hopefully project will unfold and open new doors for Bosnian language modeling, speech recognition and beyond.


@selim1 Merhaba Selim… Sen de, katılacak diğer Boşnak dostlar da, hepiniz hoş geldiniz :slight_smile: