Please add Bosnian as a language

I have a friend who is from Bosnia with whom I would like to share this project.

I think it is important the this project include an entry for Bosnian as a separate language to which people who identify as Bosnian speakers can contribute samples. There are already separate language entries for “Croation,” and “Serbian,” so it seems exclusive, in my opinion, to not also have a separate language target for the project for “Bosnian,” and likewise to not have an entry for “Montenegrin.”

I strongly suspect that given the difficult history of the region due to the War in the Balkans of the 90s that a person identifying as Bosnian could feel disinclined to contribute to the project given the current options made available to the project.



In order to process this request we will need one/two Bosnian speakers to make the request and also indicate if they are requesting it for the Latin or Cyrillic script.

Also, please check our process to enable a new language, the process will require a group of committed people to localize the site and gather a significant amount of sentences to enable voice contributions: