Privacy Month

(AnkitG) #1

January Privacy Month Campaign is a community led campaign/initiative to celebrate International Data Privacy Day.

An online presence of the campaign with daily posts on relevant content.
A series of offline in-person privacy-focused events.
Volunteers are welcome to help with online posts, events, teaching kits, localization of content and/or any other resources that might be relevant to the campaign.

Join in share, retweet, post, comment about online and data #privacy and #security
Engage in conversations on hash tags #privacymonth and #advocate4privacy

Join us at the new Speaker series (webinars) on privacy and related topics.


Latest posts:

Tip #17: Worried about digital shadows? Surveillance programs or other tracking software?
Use Tor
Defend your #privacy #anonymity using an open network and free software! .@torproject #privacymonth #advocate4privacy

— Mozilla India (@MozillaIN) January 17, 2018

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