Project management tools - testing trello


At the meeting today one thing that came up was that I’d like project management tools so I can do a better job of driving projects and not just meetings.

We discussed a few different tools, and I’m open to suggestions, however I have also decided that I want to try using Trello to see how it works. Reps already use it, I like the features, it uses kanban style cards that we (those on the call) like, and it has an API.

I created our organization here - - I am not sure if you can request access from that page, or if I need to invite you. If you want access let me know your trello user. If you don’t already have a trello account, let someone invite you, you get a free month of their premium service for each person you invite.

(Migueldavidq) #2

I think this is a great alternative to Trello
is self hosted and open source.


Huh, that looks really cool. Do you know if any other Mozilla communities are using it?

(Removed Account) #4

The Brazil community are using kanboard(, I have some contributions on this project.

(Tanner Filip) #5

I don’t think we’re in a position to host our own management tools. I’d like to stick with something hosted. I believe Mozilla IT uses Kanbanize, so we might want to ask them about that. They have integration with Bugzilla, so if we could use that, we’d be in good shape.

(mrz) #6

Always lead with requirements - what are they?

For instance, is Bugzilla integration a requirement?


Right, Trello was picked because I need something to start using right now and I’m mindful that we might not get something that does everything that would make our lives easier

In a perfect solution it would:

integrate with

  • bugzilla - we’ve agreed we get value out of using bugzilla
  • github - more and more Mozilla projects are using github for collaboration
  • MeetingHero/Worklife - this doesn’t currently have an API though, it might be simpler to replicate this tool somehow


  • due dates
  • Assignees
  • Tracks (swimlanes, in progress, stalled done)
  • Trello has checklists for further breaking down and tracking progress on a task that actually lets you know how many of the tasks are checked off
  • Description field, not just a summary/title
  • nesting

This is what I can think of off the top of my head anyway.

(Removed Account) #8

jira support all these features, but don’t have an free plan :confused:


I do like JIRA. Do you know about Bugzilla integration? My only concern
with using JIRA Is that it’s really a Bugzilla replacement. I also feel
like a lot of stuff JIRA does that we like is front end stuff, and could
be added to Bugzilla/accessed through the API.

(Removed Account) #10

Yes, have integration with Github, Bugzilla and some other services: