RainOfRust Online events Schedule

(Mehul Patel) #1

Hey awesome Mozillians!

We know you are very excited to learn super awesome programming language Rust so here we have arranged 4 online sessions during June.

Here is the schedule :

1st Call

2nd Call

3rd Call

4th Call

Wants to know more about Rain of Rust Campaign, check out here ;:

Interested in joining us? Let us know by adding a comment on this discourse topic.
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Boots up! Its gonna get Rusty! :slight_smile:

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Cc: @dvigneshwer @konstantina @Rizki_Kelimutu @prathamesh @umesh

Mehul Patel.
On behalf of Mozilla India

(Shivank Shekhar) #2

Great to hear about this awesome initiative @rowdymehul…will be joining in :v:

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(Mehul Patel) #3

Glad you like it. :slight_smile: Please do share with your community people so they can also join.