Your Chance to be involved in Reps Program decisions and tasks

Hi Reps

As you might have seen, the Council has started to create Discourse topics for several discussions. This is part of an ongoing “Transparency in Communication” experiment we’re running. Have a look at the discussions, ask questions, provide input, offer your help with tasks if you want to. This is your chance to be involved in decisions and tasks regarding the Reps Program. Let your voice be heard!

The easiest way to do this is to keep track of topics in Discourse’s Reps category: You can also choose to get notified of new posts and threads by choosing a “Tracking” option on the top right of the category page:

Here are some examples of discussions we currently have open:

Additionally, we’d like to encourage you to post your own discussions as well. You have something you’d like to discuss and bring in? Don’t hesitate, create a Discourse thread for all Reps to discuss!

Happy to answer all questions you have.

on behalf of the Reps Peers and Council

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