Reps OKRs for Q2 2017

In the past few quarters we defined quarterly OKR (Objective, Key Results) to set the Reps program’s goals. Last December and and end of March we worked closely together with the Community Development Team to define the team’s goals for the quarter. These are highly relevant for the Reps program and the Reps’ goals are tightly coupled with these. We will work closely with the Community Development Team to achieve our goals.

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Here are the OKRs in detail:

Objective 1 - RepsNext is successfully completed paving the way for our next improvement program

  • KR 1 - The Coaching plan is implemented and we are able to scale
  • KR 2 - Budget requests submitted after June, 1st go through the trained Resource Reps
  • KR 3 - Reps can get initial resources to improve their Leadership skills
  • KR 4 - Core community sentiment NPS >11.5 (Konstantina as in Q1)
  • KR 5 - Mobilizer sentiment NPS >15 (Konstantina as in Q1)
  • KR 6 - We have a GitHub issue to plan for the future of Reps with an exclusive focus on functional contributions
  • KR 7 - The Facebook experiment is analyzed and being continued if successful
  • KR 8 - 2 communication improvements are identified
  • KR 9 - It takes a maximum of 2 weeks for new applicants to have their first task assigned

Objective 2 - MozActivate focuses mobilizers on impactful areas

  • KR 1 - General feedback form is used by 100% of MozActivate activities
  • KR 2 - We have implemented metrics and measurements for the existing MozActivate and to-be-launched activities as well as for the website itself
  • KR 3 - 70 Reps have organized one or more MozActivate activity
  • KR 4 - Activate is actively engaging 70 new technical contributors
  • KR 5 - 2 new activities are launched

Objective 3 - The Reps program demonstrates operational excellence in the Mozilla Project

  • KR 1 - Goals for Q3 have been set
  • KR 2 - We were involved and gave feedback about the Community Development Team OKRs for Q3 as well as the broader Open Innovation ones
  • KR 3 - The budget allocation for Q3 is finalized and communicated to all Reps
  • KR 4 - We have on average maximum one open action item from last week before every Council Meeting that is not tracked on GitHub and next steps/blockers are identified
  • KR 5 - We have planned 2 brainstorm sessions for the next improvement program
  • KR 6 - We have given feedback for Open Innovation’s “Strategy” project and are a valuable source for future consultation for strategy related questions

You can follow the progress of these tasks in the Reps Issue Tracker. We also have a new Dashboard to track the status of each objective.

Which of the above objectives are you most interested in? What key result would you like to hear more about? What do you find intriguing? Which thoughts cross your mind upon reading this? Where would you like to help out?

Let’s keep the conversation going! Let us know if you have any questions.