Reps Program Goals - Q3 2016

Hi everyone

With “RepsNext” we increased alignment between the Reps program and the Participation team. The main outcome is setting quarterly Objectives and Key Results together. This enables all Reps to see which contributions have a direct link to the Participation team . Of course, Reps are welcome to keep doing amazing work in other areas.

Objective 1

  • Reps are fired up about the Activate campaign and lead their local community to success through supporting that campaign with the help of the Review Team
  • 80+ core mozillians coached by new mentors contribute to at least one focus activity.
  • 75+ Reps get involved in the Activity Campaign, participating in at least one activity and/or mobilizing others.
  • The Review Team is working effectively by decreasing the budget review time by 30%

Objective 2

  • New Reps coaches and regional coaches bring leadership within the Reps program to a new level and increase the trust of local communities towards the Reps program
  • 40 mentors and new mentors took coaching training and start at least 2 coaching relationships.
  • 40% of the communities we act on report better shape/effectiveness thanks to the regional coaches
  • At least 25% of the communities Regional Coaches work with report feeling represented by the Reps program

Which of the above objectives are you most interested in? What key result would you like to hear more about? What do you find intriguing? Which thoughts cross your mind upon reading this?

Let’s keep the conversation going! Please provide your comments below!

on behalf of the Council


We have changed participation team goal here to 40+ to align with the campaign goal, probably we were too over optimistic here.