RepsNext Status Update - January 2017

Link to the blogpost with all information:

Which thoughts cross your mind upon reading this? Where would you like to help out? Let’s keep the conversation going!


Link added (this serves as a ping for everyone who already read the version with the placeholder in it)

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I am very much worried about the progress.
I joined reps with big aim, I wanted to learn and contribute to functional areas ( Firefox OS in 2014) and make sure what I learnt is shared in my region and I bring Contributors beginning their Contribution to it. I felt reps next will be really making progress in functional areas Contribution.

I feel many reps will love to contribute to functional areas (say it rust, webvr, add-ons) and bring Contributors to those areas. I felt bringing the goals of functional areas will help and make sure all reps are aligned with Mozilla’s goal. Contributors of functional teams will be better mobilizer.

My request is let’s give high priority to this, and make sure we bring update by end of March. I will be available to discuss it and also to bring plans for this track.

Thank you

Thanks for the update, @mkohler ! I look forward to the development of the Leadership track and I’m keen to join that when it’s ready.

However, if there’s any help I can extend, in the development of this track, I would love to chime in :smiley:
(Where do I sign up :wink: ? )