Request for feedback: improving Pontoon profile page (deadline March 14)

Among other work that is planned for Pontoon this year, we’d like to improve the current profile page (example) to better serve both users and administrators of the platform.

This post is a request for feedback to our community of localizers, and will remain open until March 14.

User stories

Let’s start with some user stories, one for each role in Pontoon. Note that there’s plenty of overlap between roles — for example, translators or locale managers might want to showcase their profile outside of Pontoon — so we’re calling out needs that we consider more relevant for each role.

As a contributor, I want to be able to:

  • Quickly see how much I contribute over time to localization.
  • Share my profile with potential employers in the localization industry, or use it to demonstrate my involvement in projects as a volunteer.
  • Control visibility of personal information displayed in my profile.
  • See data about the quality of my contributions and use it to make a case for promotion with locale managers or administrators.
  • See when my own suggestions have been reviewed and access them.

As a translator, I want to be able to:

  • See if a person has usually been providing good quality translations.
  • Check if the person has specific permissions for my own locale, potentially for other locales.

As a locale manager, I want to be able to:

  • See the quality of contributions provided by a specific person.
  • See how frequently a person contributes translations, and the amount of their contributions.

As an administrator, I want to be able to:

  • See data about the user:
    • When they signed up.
    • When was the last time they logged in to Pontoon, or they were active on the platform.
    • Quickly assess the frequency of contributions by type (reviews performed, translations).
    • Which projects and locales they contributed to.
    • Get a sense of the quality and amount of their contribution.
  • Easily access contributions by a specific person.

Note: in the Mozilla ecosystem, the terms “administrator” and “localization program manager” can be used interchangeably.


Click on the thumbnail below to see a full-size image. This mock-up is only a design draft: colors and layout are not final, it’s meant as a reference for the features and data that we want to collect and display.

Latest activity

A user is considered active when they either submit a suggestion or review someone else’s work. It’s not considered activity:

  • Logging in to Pontoon.
  • Writing a comment.

Approval ratio

The ratio between the number of translations approved over the total number of translations submitted, excluding self-approved translations (either submitted directly as translations, or provided as suggestions and later approved by the translator).


  • If a person submits 100 translations, but 20 are rejected, the approval ratio will be 80%.
  • If a person submits 100 translations, 20 are rejected, 20 are self-approved, the approval ratio will be 75% (60 over 80).

Self-approval ratio

The ratio between the number of translations submitted directly — or self-approved after submitting them as suggestions — over the total number of translations submitted. This data point is meaningful only for users with translation rights (translators, locale managers), as it will always be 0 for contributors.

Example: if a person has 100 approved translations, but 60 are self-approved, the self-approval ratio will be 60%.

Contribution graph

The contribution graph displays data over time about the following actions:

  • Submissions: translations submitted, including both suggestions and direct translations.
  • Reviews performed: reviews performed on pending suggestions.
  • Reviews received: reviews received from another translator.
  • Submissions and reviews: submissions + reviews performed.
  • All activities: submissions + reviews performed + reviews received.

Only one data point is displayed at a time, and it can be selected using the dropdown list above the graph. The default view is “All activities”, since it provides a good picture of the user’s activity in Pontoon.

Each square in the graph represents a day, with color changing depending on the amount of contributions. It’s possible to click on a column to select a specific week, or change the year currently displayed using the links in the rightmost column.

When selecting a specific time range, the data displayed below the graph is updated accordingly. This doesn’t affect the approval and self-approval graphs.

Visibility of data

Most of the data will be visible by default to all users, including non authenticated visitors (i.e. users not logged in to Pontoon).

Visibility for the following fields can be limited by user settings:

  • Email address.
  • GitHub/Bugzilla profiles.
  • Self-approval ratio.
  • Approval ratio.

Limited means that non authenticated users, and other contributors, won’t be able to see this information when they visit the profile page. But this information will be always visible to users with translator rights for any locale in Pontoon (translators, locale managers, administrators).

Other changes

In order to support this new profile, users will be able to provide a contact email address:

  • This is the address that will be displayed in the profile page (pending personal visibility settings), and can be different from the one used to log in to Pontoon.
  • Locale managers and administrators must provide a contact email address, and its visibility can only be public, since contributors need to be able to contact them.

In order to share a profile more easily, users will be able to set up a vanity URL — a unique identifier, easier to remember, that can be used in the URL instead of the random ID assigned by Pontoon. For example, “flod” could be instead of “mZuzEFP7EcmgBBTbvtgJP2LFFTY”.


We would like to understand if there are things in this design or concept that you disagree with, or that you would like to see in the profile page.

For example: is a week too long of a period for filtering the contribution graph? Would you like to be able to filter contributions for a single day? Or maybe even a week is too short, and “month” would make more sense?

Please limit the feedback to this specific proposal, and keep in mind that it’s not the only work planned for Pontoon this year. For example, we’re starting to address the 3 most requested features from the last survey that we ran among Pontoon users, and you’ll hear more about those soon.


I’d like to add my Matrix account beside email/GitHub/Bugzilla. But otherwise this looks a really solid design.


Good point. The idea is to help us finding you, and Matrix is definitely a place where we might try to contact localizers.

Some welcome changes definitely, the mock-up looks really nice! Contributions with a granularity and options like Github makes perfect sense.

Looks fine to me! The option to share our profile is a very welcome change!!

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I want a gif/apng avatar

Wow, looks & sounds great!

Hi! Everyhting looks great! Could you please, also add the ability for probably all roles to: See quantity of comments, last comment date and access comments.

Hi, Nice features but additional feature proposal from my side :grin::grin::

  1. If possible to add an option to manually change profile picture by directly uploading when logged in with github or any other account.
  2. filter contributions for a single day, may be helpful for a regular contributer.
  3. Can there be a option for a simple and complex interface like when i open a profile page then i don’t want every states but only specific things to be displayed. ex. I want only translated translated % of mine not others, dont want to see other people work as a locale manager and i can later swith to default to prevent cluttering my profile page.

The mockup looks fantastic!
Two things I’d like to have:

  1. Easily ping/message the locale managers (whoever reviews and accepts the translations) - OR a priority flag. Most of them handle a multitude of software in their free time. Sometimes due to a major change we have to translate many sentences in bulk. Sometimes they can be time-sensitive, such as changes made for an event or campaign etc, or some mistake (e.g. in variable use) that results in errors. Some locale managers work closely with translators, but some are not so easy to reach. A PRIORITY FLAG FOR REVIEW would be helpful.

  2. A simple way for locale managers to give feedback to translations, such as " better translation needed" or “not acceptable”. A translation can be waiting there for months, for us without knowing if they are not good quality or just not seen yet.

These are not directly related to the profile page layout but can be linked.

Thank you.

LGTM for mockup design :slight_smile:

[A question] about self-approve: with translator role, when I translated strings, does it count directly as self-approved translation?

Sorry, Discourse decided to never notify me about replies to this thread. I’ll try to answer the questions in one reply, hopefully I won’t miss any.

Displaying comments in the profile page: we considered using “comments added” as an activity, but not to display/filter comments in the profile page.

What would be the benefit for a user, or a locale manager? If you’re “involved” in the string (left a translation, another comment) you will already receive a notification for those comments. I feel this would create quite a bit of noise in the profile page, because users either don’t use comments, or use them a lot.

Profile picture upload is worth considering, probably as a separate issue from the redesign. I think there are some risks there that might make the feature not worth it (although attracting to some users), but that’s a conversation for that specific issue.

Filter contributions on a single day: interestingly enough, we went back and forth on the minimum range for filtering (day, week). We landed on week because the vast majority of users are not as active, so a single day would be often empty, and having both single day and week would make the UI potentially confusing. But that’s probably something we can revisit when implementing.

I don’t understand point 3: in your profile you’ll see only your data. As a manager, you’ll be able to see someone’s data in their profile page.

Point 2 is already covered by comments (they were designed for that, both to contact translators and project managers for clarifications).

Being able to contact managers or translators is a problem that we’re aware of, and need to solve: we need to make that information visible and accessible. But that’s out of scope for the profile page itself, at least for now.

Priority flag for review: definitely out of scope for this conversation. I personally don’t think that adding an additional level of priority would help prioritizing review. We need to do a better job in making sure that review is happening timely, and projects already have priorities. Comments and tagging can be already used to flag specific strings (for variable errors you could even tag the project manager).

Yes, direct translation is self-approved (nobody has reviewed it).

Along with email, GitHub, and Bugzilla, my Matrix account would be nice to have. The design itself appears to be extremely strong, though.

  1. Can there be a option for a simple and complex interface like when i open a profile page then i don’t want every states but only specific things to be displayed. ex. I want only translated translated % of mine not others, dont want to see other people work as a locale manager and i can later swith to default to prevent cluttering my profile page.