Review Queue Progress and the v41 Release

(Wladimir Palant) #21

Not my experience, pretty much all the top extensions require such permissions.

I disagree. So far every Chrome extension I looked into had serious issues. See for example this blog post. Note that this behavior is totally in line with Chrome Web Store policies.

Glad to hear that but most Chrome extension developers don’t seem to have such sentiments - and frankly, there isn’t much there to stop them.

That’s what WebExtensions are about. Personally, I have doubts that this will result in a noteworthy improvement, but we’ll see.

(Oscar Dedios Rodriguez) #22

Yes, because people trust in popular extensions (error!!!), but to little extensions is more difficult to have installations with host permissions (it’s my experience).

Interesting blog, I’ll read it.

I didn’t see it, it could be good.