Russian translation feedback and one technical thing

Hi! As a part of my asessment I need to find and translate some articles on I have find 2 of them which are ol and ul tags. Could anyone give me feedback on the translation?
One more thing: in the ul part, the HTML result is not displayed. What can I do to make sure it’s displayed?
Last, but not least, which pages, in your opinion needs translation so I can work on them?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m unable to comment about the translation, as I don’t speak Russian. Maybe if @Igor-Sangin is reading, he can look at it?

The formatting of the articles looks good – nothing got messed up by the translation.

The reason that the output of the live samples is not showing up is that the live sample feature uses the heading IDs to find the code samples. The heading IDs are automatically inserted into the HTML source of the article by the online editor.

For example, in the ol article, the under the first example, there is this line:
{{EmbedLiveSample("Simple_example", 400, 100)}}

This means “take the pre block that’s under the heading with the ID 'Simple_example', interpret it, and display the result in a frame that is 400x100 pixels”. Since you’ve translated the document, the ID of that heading is now "Обычный_список" (spaces are replaced by underscores in the ID string). So you need to edit the line above so it says:
``{{EmbedLiveSample(“Обычный_список”, 400, 100)}}`

Then the result should display properly. And then do similarly for the other live samples in that article, and the other article. We have an explanation of live samples if you need more details.

As I mentioned in another post, the list of top 100 articles by traffic is a good starting point for what to translate. Also, articles that are tagged with l10n:priority have been identified as important to translate into any language.

One other thing: You can also translate the title of the article. At the top of the editing UI, click the link " Перевод описания" and then you can write a new title in the field “Заголовок на Русский”. I recommend that you do not change the URL of the page. (You might not even have permission to do this.)

@jswisher, thank you for letting me know. @EdgarKa, in my opinion, it is translated well and everything is clear :slight_smile:

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