Sage, Password exporter and other addons

(Lizalique42) #1

Hello, I’m not very good in english… so forgive me the errors. I want to know why “sage” and “password exporter” don’t work on firefox 57-58. They were indispensable to me, and there is no valid alternative. Other rss feed reader are caotic an very bad done, or they are online, and this create big privacy concern. Moreover I need to save my passords locally, without installing heavy third part software, or using the dangerous cloud. “Saved Password editor”, as well, was great to save and edit passwords. I also used “download statusbar”, that is more fast and easy to see than the download section in firefox. All these addons are now obsolete, and there is no alternative. I cannot use firefox anymore. The only reason I used firefox was to read feeds from “sage”. What are the developers of moxilla doing? They are making me mad.


(Jorge) #2

You can find some information about this change here:


(arielg) #3

Excuse my necrophilia.

I wrote my own RSS web extension reader to replace the “Sage” addon that you (or anyone else) may want to give it a try.