Scam alert! Someone tries to buy Add-ons with many users

Around a week ago, I received a pretty suspiciously looking mail where someone offered to buy one of my Add-ons. The same sender repeated his offer two days ago. I ignored both mails and I’ll keep ignoring any future mails. I already managed to find the right contact at Mozilla and forwarded both mails, so Mozilla is aware of the issue.

I will not publish the URL, they sent the mail from, as they advertise their “service”, there, and for obvious reasons I don’t want to give them better search engine ranking.

So this message is meant as warning to other developers. I guess as they specifically try to buy Add-ons with “many users” (above 10,000 users), my guess would be that they try to ship some kind of malware with a well established Add-on.

Is this just me who received such a suspicious “buy offer” or did someone here receive similar requests?


Once you reach a certain amount of users and your extension has dangerous permissions, you can expect a lot of offers like that.
Look at my spam folder for just the past 7 days!

And many of these lands to my inbox and I move them to spam manually!

But these days it’s more common to receive offers for fake user count and fake reviews. Although most of them is for Chrome store.

Few years back the popular Nano Defender was sold and turned malware, that was pretty terrible :frowning:.