Schriftfarbe ändern beim Verfassen sehr mühsam?

Hallo, leider lässt sich beim Verfassen von Emails - nach einigen TB updates - die Schriftfarbe “nicht mehr so einfach ändern” wie es davor war. Man muss die Nummer der Farbe zuerst suchen und ins Fenster zur Farbwahl reinschreiben, um dann die Farbe zu bekommen für die Schrift die man will!
Oder fehlt mir ein bestimmtes AddOn?
Ich versteh es nicht mehr…
Über einen Hinweis würde ich mich sehr freuen

You can click on the coloured rectangle and you should get a colour-selector tool. (The tool may depend on your operating system - I use Linux.)

You can enter a colour name - e.g. ‘red’ - instead of a number.

Thank you!
I work on Mac.
I tried it - well, I can wright in: “Red” or “Green” - and it works! Thats okay
but there are a lot of other fantastic colours!?..
In the colour-selector tool there are 4 possibilities - there is no way to get “one” of it to the text without put in the number!
Is there no AddOn? or other ways?

I don’t know what a Mac ‘color input’ (US spelling) selector looks like. I would expect it to be more sophisticated than you describe.
Here’s a demo you can try.
That page shows an old Windows selector. Mine is different.

Thank you Dave.
I worked also in Photoshop and know already this proceeding with numbers. But thats for TB not comfortable. And in the past - it was not necessary, you could make a direct click in the little color-window and choose from the possible colors only with click!
I dont understand the developers, why it have be now suddenly so complicated?

It uses standard HTML color input. Either you are not using it correctly, or the Mac is deficient.
Here is the color-picker on Linux.

My color_picker on Mac… When I choosed a color an make double click, the number does t change??

But does the colour change when you OK it?

Dear Dave - No! This I did every time!
But: hard to believe - I am trying it just once more - and closed FIRST! the color-picker-window - and than! the wonder happens: The color-number changed into the right and than I could confirm with OKAY. And it works!!
Some ways are unbelievable easy.
Thank you very much for your patience!