Scripting addon

Is there a BASH script addon available? I looked through the addons, and nothing really stood out. What I would like is to trigger BASH or Python scripts from the result of an action, say from a motion sensor. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

@dhylands made this add-on a while back, but we decided it wasn’t super safe for general consumption. You could manually install and use it, though.

  • git clone the repo into ~/.mozilla-iot/addons
  • git checkout origin/initial
  • sudo systemctl restart mozilla-iot-gateway
  • Enable the add-on through Settings -> Add-ons

Thank you. This works very well. Not only does it allow me to run my Yeelight scripts, it also allows me to put both “Reboot Device” and “Restart Gateway” service buttons on the main panel.

If I may ask, why was it decided it was not safe for general consumption? It’s a VERY useful and powerful Addon!

It essentially allows for arbitrary code execution via the web, which is not really great.

For me, this is a large part of why I chose Mozilla IOT/Raspberry Pi/Linux/OpenSource.

Thought: Add it with warnings. “Expert Only” “NOT Safe” “Danger”

I’m going to look into this add-on the first time I get a chance. Very excited.