Session file corruption

I hope this is the proper category to post this subject.

Firefox is my primary browser, but I also utilize Chromium browsers when I need an alternative, i.e. websites issues with Firefox.

I’ve been experience a lot of buggy behavior lately, in the form of freezes, crashes, breaking addons, etc., in Firefox and Chromium as well, when there are used at the same time. Since hat is the case, I thought an OS problem was causing it.

But it turns out my sessionstore.jsonlz4 is corrupted, and I believe the effects of that is creating the OS instability. I know it’s the sessionstore.jsonlz4 because I tested by transferring it to a different profile that was running normally, and the bad behavior immediately appeared.

When I’m using Firefox by itself, with the original profile, most of the time it just crashes, and works normally after relaunch. The extreme breakage shown in the other profile is not apparent. Usually doesn’t crash more that once in a day, and may go a couple days before recurring.

This first happened several months ago. I can’t exactly remember remember how I dealt with it. I went thru several manipulations. Perhaps I eventually replaced it with the previous.jsonlz4 file.

Problem is that this time, the previous.jsonlz4 file is also broken.

Since it has happened twice, I’m concerned about somehow passing along the problem when trying to cure it.

To make a long story short, I was considering syncing it with a fresh profile.

I know this may sound extra paranoid, but is there any risk of passing along what has corrupted the session as well? Is there another solution I can go with?

I was thinking of adding a session manager, using it to export the session, importing that session into another profile, and thererby hopefully creating a clean sessionstore.jsonlz4 that I can then transfer to the original profile.

I’m afraid it is not, this category is about the WebThings IoT platform.