Setting to "Open tab next to current tab"

Is there a way (in new 78) to open tabs next to current tab?
I’ve checked addons and even about:config but I couldn’t find anything…

With or without a Calendar and/or Chat tab?

With both, a message will open next to the Chat tab, another message will open next to the first message tab.

With both Calendar and Chat tabs closed the messages will open next to the Mail tab with the account name or selected folders title in the tab, and each new message opened in a tab will open next to the previous tab.

I mean for normal emails.
I have set opening emails in new tabs.
And I have multiple inboxes/outboxes opened, each one in one tab.
So when I’m on the first tab and I open email there (with double-click) it will create new tab at the end of my tabs. I would like to change this so that the new tab is opened next to current tab.

Thanks for the clarification.

New messages do open at the end of the Tab bar.

You want them to open right next to the Inbox or folder you are working from. Is that correct?

Yes, right next to the “source tab”.

If this is not available, I guess I can create addon that will monitor active tab and when new tab is created, move it next to the last active tab (well, if the API for tab manipulation is there).

And maybe raise a bug requesting prefs like Fx:

With more and more stuff in tabs, they would be useful.

(I thought about adding those prefs to see if it works but, unlike Fx, TB does not seem to have an ‘add pref’ facility.)

Reported here:

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And perhaps switch to that new tab that opens up, next to the current tab?